Activity 1


By 2022, to support 1200 local people, to be their most productive and realise their potential, providing holistic, flexible, targeted and specific interventions for them to access training and upskilling and progress into jobs and within jobs.


To establish and run network of community-based services to provide coordinated, holistic, flexible, targeted and specific interventions for people furthest from the job market, incorporating access to:

1. Personal and skills development
2. Mentoring Support
3. Facilities and equipment
4. Addressing employment barriers e.g. access to affordable transport, internet


There is a lack of specialist services to help residents within this area, particularly those furthest from the labour market – to help them to develop aspirations, self-awareness and secure and maintain meaningful employment.

There is also a gap in, in-work support.


The specification for this activity is currently being developed, it should be going on to YORtender soon!

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