Activity 2


By 2022, to create a network of support for 275 small & medium sized enterprises (SMEs), from start-up through to development and expansion, with specialist support for those with growth potential, maximising and sustaining business generation and growth, enabling them to achieve their potential, thereby increasing employment opportunities and economic growth in the CLLD area.


To establish, run and coordinate an Enterprise hub with community-based satellites, to provide an expert ‘one stop shop’ for business networking, skill sharing, support, including from the wider business support infrastructure, and a physical base for those who need it. Incorporating targeted access to:

  • Mentoring
  • Business advice and support
  • Skills support
  • Networking and events
  • Finance
  • Support for business clusters


Currently there is a lack of community level support that focuses on developing an enterprise culture and encouraging start-up across the whole population spectrum.

We have limited access for face-to-face business support within the community for start-ups and for existing businesses.

There is inaccessible skills support that focuses on specific sectors, qualifications achievement and funding requirements.

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