This strategy will be delivered in the 20% most deprived LSOAs (IMD 2010) in the Bradford Central wards of City, Great Horton and Manningham. These LSOAs account for 86% of the total ward coverage and would benefit from a holistic approach to economic development and interventions to improve economic competitiveness that can be delivered through the CLLD strategy. The total population covered by the area is 45,789. The specific geographical area is outlined on the interactive map .

The area covers most of the city centre along with neighbouring areas of high deprivation, unemployment and demographic diversity to the south and west. The area has a diverse population, which includes 60% from a Pakistani background and twice as many people from Central and Eastern European communities than the rest of the District.

Considerable work has taken place since 2013 involving a large number of local and community stakeholders (and partners in this project) to identify the target area, as part of the development of the Leeds City Region LEP ESIF strategy.

Click here to open an interactive map showing the Bradford Central CLLD Area

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