Local Action Group

Duties of the LAG

Develop and deliver a Local Development Strategy (LDS) for the Bradford Central CLLD area, by bringing together a group of private, public, voluntary and community sector representatives that broadly reflect the Bradford Central CLLD area to form a Local Action Group.

Oversee the preparation of a 5-year strategy including an Action Plan that sets out the interventions and main targets for each year of the Programme to achieve the LDS aims and objectives.

Actively engage the community to develop and implement the strategy, build capacity to enable sustainability of activities.

Make effective links and encourage partnership working between the area’s statutory, community and voluntary organisations, within and outside the LAG area to maximise benefits for all in the Bradford CLLD area.

Act as a forum for identification and discussion of major issues and development needs affecting the environmental, economic and social character of the area, alongside development potential. Where appropriate, make recommendations or coordinate activities.

Promote bidding opportunities, with clear selection criteria, to all potential applicants in the CLLD area.

Select and prioritise projects according to their contribution to the LDS objectives and targets, specifying funding levels, outputs, timescales and any conditions.

Monitor the implementation of the LDS, and review, suggesting changes in the strategy and implementation, as necessary.

Promote innovation and best practice across the CLLD area.

Conduct business in a compliant manner, acting on advice from the Accountable Body regarding legal and technical issues as necessary.

Share experience with other relevant groups and networks locally and wider, as appropriate.

Promote equality of opportunity within the area, irrespective of gender, race, colour, ethnic or national origin, marital status, disability, sexual orientation, religious beliefs or age.

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Roles and responsibilities of the LAG Support team

LAG Support Team will support the LAG, to carry out its role. The LAG Support Team will ensure capacity and knowledge of the programme development and delivery is retained within Bradford Central CLLD supporting long-term sustainability of activities that contribute to the area’s economic and social well-being.

Provide secretariat for the LAG meetings, including provision of information and papers that will raise awareness of opportunities, issues, challenges and to support decision-making.

Ensure the LAG operates within its Terms of Reference.

Attend LAG meetings to provide information, allowing informed decisions to be made.

Engage and build capacity and knowledge ensuring many sectors of the community can contribute to the delivery of the Local Development Strategy (LDS) over the 5-year programme.

Provide advice and support to project applicants enabling them to submit eligible applications for funding which meet the LDS priorities and objectives.

Oversee the commissioning process for projects that will implement the strategy, addressing priorities and actions agreed by the LAG.

Process applications for funding, following gateway eligibility and compliance checks by the Accountable Body, and participate in appraisals of them following project selection processes agreed by the LAG.

As required and agreed with the Accountable Body, undertake on-going contract management with each individual project against their funding agreements, ensuring that they meet performance targets and reporting back to the LAG for advice and direction where there is under-performance.

As required and agreed with the Accountable Body, undertake project visits to verify progress and ensure compliance and eligible expenditure and activities.

As required and agreed with the Accountable Body, undertake gateway-check claims for funding from each project prior to submission to Accountable Body for collation.

Communicate and promote the activities supported through ESIF to all relevant stakeholders within and outside of the CLLD area.

LAG Support Team

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