1. By 2022, to support 1200 local people, to be their most productive and realise their potential, providing holistic, flexible, targeted and specific interventions for them to access training and upskilling and progress into jobs and within jobs.

2. By 2022, to create a network of support for 270 small & medium sized enterprises (SMEs), from start-up through to development and expansion, with specialist support for those with growth potential, maximising and sustaining business generation and growth, enabling them to achieve their potential, thereby increasing employment opportunities and economic growth in the CLLD area.

3. To connect (socially, economically, digitally and physically) CLLD business and residents to opportunities within and outside the area, leading to sustained growth and employment for 140 unemployed or inactive residents, by 2022.

4. To create a local environment and culture that supports economic and social needs, through collaborative working for a clean, healthy and safe environment within the CLLD area, now and for future generations.

5. To build on the unique identity of the Bradford Central CLLD area and capitalise on the strengths, reinforcing local character and distinctiveness, and growth potential, as a base on which to attract opportunities, people and businesses into Bradford Central leading to sustained economic growth.


We are going to meet these objectives by developing activities, which will be delivered at a local level.

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